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Grain Exchange Opportunities - Mar 20

March 20, 2017

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  • Barley demand pushed values higher to meet grower target prices – 66% of all grain traded on Clear Grain Exchange last week was barley; 55% was Feed barley!
  • March is another critical delivery period for trade-to-trade contracts – hence may provide another flurry of demand similar to the end of January period. 
  • Offering your grain on the exchange helps drive demand – if buyers can see your grain, more buyers are likely to bid on it, creating more competition at the farm gate!
Buyers looking for all grades of barley
Barley was in demand particularly in the latter half of last week after Saudi Arabia announced they were buying another 1.5Mt. Australia appears well placed to fulfil a reasonable amount of the Saudi purchase – particularly from South Australia.

As a result we saw buyers push values higher to engage growers and get some ownership on their books. Feed barley values lifted last week despite a stronger A$ and weaker CBOT futures pressuring wheat prices over the week.

Demand for barley was not just for F1 (Feed) grade but also F2, F3 and F4 traded last week. As an example an F2 trade went through on Thursday only $1/t less than the best F1 price published by Profarmer, which was $19.75/t better than the best public price for F2!

We also saw demand flow into various malt barley grades given the modest (if any) premiums over feed in many parts of the country. Thankfully the trades generated were in excess of the public bids as buyers balance the volume and quantity of grades they own to meet shipping specifications.

66% of all grain traded on Clear Grain Exchange last week was feed or malt barley. Hence if you are carrying any barley grades, they are currently in demand which may provide an opportunity to be proactive and offer a portion at the price you are targeting on the exchange.
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March delivery period likely to cause more demand
Despite the focus on barley and a stronger A$ coupled with weaker CBOT wheat futures pressuring Aussie wheat values last week; there were still a number of trades of wheat, canola, chickpeas and sorghum as buyers met grower offer prices. Clear Grain Exchange had 17 different grades trade across 13 port zones around Australia last week. 

Traditionally the end of March is a busy period for traders as they try and align their purchases with sales due for delivery at the end of March on trade-to-trade track contracts (ie. similar to end of January). The exchange enables growers to participate in this proactively by offering parcels of their grain and in doing so assist buyers in bidding for it if they are looking for it.

By putting your offer out there and letting buyers see it and bid on it, the offer can help generate demand that may not otherwise have occurred. Growers are protected by anonymity at all times and if it trades you retain title of your grain until payment is received. 

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Be proactive with your offer price, not reactive to buyer bids! 
A trade can only occur at the price you put on it, your offer is exposed to all buyers and if your grain trades you are protected by a secure settlement process that ensures you don't lose title of your grain until you are paid. It is free to place an offer, and you can edit or cancel your offer at any time.

Therefore as long as you are happy with the price and amount of grain you put on offer, there is no downside in giving the exchange a go! More offers generate more buyers creating more competition for your grain.

Our goal is to be an industry platform that improves economic returns by creating an efficient market. 

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