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CGX Trade Opportunities Report - May 15

May 15, 2017


  1. Trades average $5/t above public bids in the last 5 weeks - Hence your offer on the exchange creates true price discovery for your grain. 
  2. Demand exists if you engage with your price - 18 grades of 5 commodities traded across 12 port zones on the exchange last week.
  3. Your grain can trade "above" your offer price on CGX - Your grain can never sell lower than your offer price, however it can sell higher! 

Trades average $5/t above public bids in last 5 weeks

In the last 5 weeks Clear Grain Exchange has traded ~100,000t and averaged $5/t better than the best public bid (as collected by Profarmer). This equates to ~$500,000 of value! Hence the more volume on the exchange the more value at the farm gate.

Last week many trades were going through well above public bids across a number grades and locations highlights the benefit of being proactive and offering your grain at your price so buyers can bid on it.

Without the offer in CGX, trades at these values are unlikely to occur. By offering your grain it can create demand that may not have otherwise been realised!

The value of being proactive and engaging the market with your offer price is that buyers may have a willingness to pay more than what they advertise publicly.

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When you have an offer in CGX you receive free text messages of any trade of your grade in your area..... Providing powerful market intel specific to your grain!

Demand exists if you engage with your price

CBOT wheat futures in A$/t terms largely traded sideways last week yet buyers were able to make parcels of grain work with trades in excess of public bids in many locations. Feed barley values are holding if not lifting in many areas driven by continued export demand. Sorghum is slowly making its way into storage and interestingly a number of parcels of malt barley traded last week as buyers cover excess demand as needed.

In total 18 grades of 5 commodities traded across 12 port zones on Clear Grain Exchange last week. 55% of all grain traded was wheat (7 grades), 35% was barley (6 grades), 5% was sorghum (2 grades), 3% was canola (1 grade), and oats and chickpeas made up 1% each (1 grade each). The predominant grades traded were H2 wheat at 21% of all trades, followed by Feed barley (25%), ASW1 wheat (18%) and APW1 (10%). All other grades were 5% or less of all trades last week. 

Having your offer in CGX means you don’t miss opportunities regardless of how short lived they may be!

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There is no downside in having your grain on offer!

You won’t know unless you give it a go! There is nothing to lose by having your offer in Clear Grain Exchange. 

It’s free to have an account, free to offer and you can edit or cancel your offer at any time. Hence if you receive a bid that you want directly from a buyer or broker simply cancel your offer on Clear Grain Exchange (it has not cost you anything at this point) and then you can sell into that bid. 

A trade can only occur at the price you put on it or better! On CGX your grain can not sell below your offer price; however can sell above that price. The CGX system will always trade grain at the highest bid price so long as it is equal to or above the offer price.

If your grain trades it costs $1.10/t or if you are using a registered broker, the cost is the brokerage they disclose to you before trading. 

Your offer is exposed to all buyers and if your grain trades you are protected by a secure settlement process that ensures you don't lose title of your grain until you are paid.

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About Clear Grain Exchange

Clear Grain Exchange is an independent online platform where grain sellers can offer their grain, at their price, in an open market to all buyers. If the grain trades, a secure settlement process ensures sellers don't lose title until they're paid, within 7 days.
Grain buyers benefit from more efficient accumulation given they are able to view parcels of grain ready for sale in a firm and live market.
The exchange also ensures a robust paper trail of all orders and transactions. At time of settlement, appropriate levies, end point royalties, and any applicable fees associated with the storage provider are deducted, cutting down the paperwork into one simple transaction.
Our aim is to foster competition at the farm gate and ultimately improve returns by creating an efficient market where all supply chain participants benefit.
Think of Clear Grain Exchange as the share market for Australian Grain.

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