Clear Grain Exchange

Clear Grain Exchange is an independent online platform where grain sellers can offer their grain, at their price, in an open market to all buyers. If the grain trades, a secure settlement process ensures sellers don't lose title until they're paid, within 7 days.

Grain buyers benefit from more efficient accumulation given they are able to view parcels of grain ready for sale in a firm and live market.

The exchange also ensures a robust paper trail of all orders and transactions. At time of settlement, appropriate levies, end point royalties, and any applicable fees associated with the storage provider are deducted, cutting down the paperwork into one simple transaction.

Our aim is to foster competition at the farm gate and ultimately improve returns by creating an efficient market where all supply chain participants benefit.

Think of Clear Grain Exchange as the share market for Australian Grain.

The exchange has been operating since 2008 and is the largest online marketplace for trading physical spot and forward contracts in all the major grain growing regions of Australia.

Have confidence to put a price on your grain with Clear Grain Exchange.

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