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Clear Market Snapshot

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What can you do on Clear?

What can you do on Clear Grain Exchange?

Thousands of sellers and buyers are taking control of their grain marketing. Clear Grain Exchange is a powerful trading tool that offers you a secure, on-line environment to transact grain business easily and independently.

Clear Physical Market Exchange

Simply set the price you want for your warehoused grain based on the market all day, every day, and we’ll check the daily bids to find a competitive buyer.

Physical Market

Clear Forward Market Exchange

You are now able to trade forward contracts. You can create a forward offer at the price you want and we’ll check the daily bids to find a competitive buyer.

Forward Market

How does Clear work?

How does Clear Grain Exchange work?

It’s a unique and innovative marketplace for trading wheat, malt barley, feed barley, canola, sorghum, chickpeas and peas. We offer buyers and sellers of grain an online exchange environment to transact business that is independent and secure, with automatic contract generation and settlement with very fast payments.

For a detailed list of active and approved buyers within Clear's forward and physical market click here.


Register an Account

Create a free account to offer grain on the exchange. You need an active account so you can see where the market is all day, every day.


Set an Offer

Simply set the price you want for your warehoused grain and we'll alert the relevant buyers and keep you updated with free SMS market alerts.


Trade Your Grain

Upon your offer being matched and accepted a contract will be created and proceed through Clear's secure settlement facility.


Settle Securely

You retain title of your grain until the buyer has paid and you receive payment all within 7 business days.

Benefits of Managing Your Grain

Benefits of Managing Your Own Grain

Here are the stories of others who have taken control of their grain marketing to improve cash flow with increased security, more convenience, and unparalleled flexibility.


Roger and Fabien Todd

“What really interested us, was how quick we could get our grain to the market.”

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Bruce Atkinson

“With Clear I am able to set my own price any time of day; there are no transfers, all the paper work is done for me and I get paid within 7 days!”

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Geoff Nalder

“The Clear concept has a lot of merit and it’s a marketing option that I believe every grain producer should familiarise themselves with.”

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Irene and Ian Fraser

“It is just so quick and with the market information they provide grain marketing has never been easier”

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Kingslee Stanley

“As long as you set the right price, you’ll always be right. The entire process is transparent and flexible and you can manage it all by yourself”.

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Stay in control by setting the price you want for your grain.

You can edit or cancel offers in real time with a click of a button.

Automated trade settlement means we'll do all the paperwork.

Receive payment within
7 business days

Get real time firm bid and trade price alerts.

Peace of mind that you retain title to your grain until the buyer pays.

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